Tuition and Fees?

My daughter’s school sent me a link describing the NC Promise Tuition Plan.  Three schools in the University of North Carolina system (Elizabeth City State, UNC-Pembroke, and Western Carolina) have had their tuition reduced to $500/semester for in-state students, starting in 2018.

However, what caught my eye in the link were the fees.  Right now, at Western Carolina, tuition for a semester is $1,946, but fees for the semester are $2,678!  What in the world do those fees cover?  It’s not room and board as those are separate items.  It’s hard to imagine the cost of sponsored activities and recreation running over $100/week (assuming a 14-week semester), so what else could this be except padding the bill or cost-shifting?


An open letter to President George W. Bush

Dear President Bush,

I write to you today as a supporter who voted twice for you for President and believed that you truly had the best interests of the country at mind during your time in office.  I have noticed that after your eight years of silence in political affairs during the Obama administration, you have begun to voice your opinions to the public again with President Trump in office.  So far, those opinions have consistently appeared to be critical of President Trump and laudatory of the Obama family and their legacy.

I would like to bring the following points to your attention.

  1.  In office, President Trump appears to be working towards enacting the conservative policies that we elected you to do 16 years ago.  The style and tone of President Trump is considerably different than yours, but he is moving forward with plans to roll back the regulatory state, promote free enterprise, stop crony-capitalistic policies, control and enforce our immigration laws, and slow the erosion of classical Western values that serve as the bedrock on which the foundation of the American experiment is seated.
  2. The Obama legacy is eight years of failed economic policies, abandonment of foreign allies, kowtowing to foreign enemies, growth in the arbitrary, unelected, unaccountable administrative state and intensification of domestic divisions, all of which were knowingly aided and abetted by President Obama, his wife, and his other confederates.
  3. President Obama has consistently blamed all his problems at home and abroad on what he believes were the failed policies of your administration.

Perhaps an analogy would be helpful.  It has been widely reported that you decided to become more actively involved in politics as a result of Ann Richards’ speech at the 1988 Democratic convention where she remorselessly attacked your father, stating among other things that he had been “born with a silver foot in his mouth”.  As a “bitter clinger”, I put it to you that President Obama and his confederates have attacked Americans in word and deed as viciously as Ann Richards attacked your father.  I will go further and say that President Obama’s policies were worse for America than Ann Richards’ policies were for Texas.

Meanwhile, President Trump, despite my expectations, appears to be both conservative and effective in office.

I would ask you, Mr. President, that when it comes to President Trump, to remember the old Southern adage “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”  If you feel that you must become involved in American politics again, save your powder for the real enemies of the American dream; the ones that you refrained from commenting on for eight long years.


President’s Day Protests

So, a couple of days ago, a number of chumps around the country decided to protest Trump yet again, using the novel rubric “Not MY President’s Day”.  You know what?  I feel your pain.  To be precise, I felt your pain for the last 8 years, and for several years in the late ’90’s.  Between President “I won, get over it” and President “It depends on what the meaning of is is”, I can understand feeling contempt for the American Chief Executive.  So go right on ahead and keep on protesting the Donald.  Every time you trash your demonstration site, every time you set some poor working stiff’s limo on fire, you make it that much easier for President Trump and Congress to drill out the decay that you’ve planted in the American teeth.

God, what a miserable way to end a season.

This is Falcons football.  Usually not even close to the championship, but when they do get close, they manage somehow to blow it.

The 1980 NFC West champion – gives Dallas a 2-touchdown comeback victory in the playoffs at home.

The 1998 Super Bowl – lost after the starting free safety and supposed role model is arrested for soliciting a prostitute the night before facing John Elway.

2012 NFC Championship – Turf monster trips up wide-open receiver on his way to the end zone, defense allows SF comeback.

And of course tonight, setting a record for allowing a Super Bowl comeback.

And those are Falcon franchise history highlights.  Lowlights would include the collapse of Van Brocklin’s 1975 team post-strike, general ineptitude for many different seasons, Jerry Glanville’s circus act, not keeping Deion Sanders in town, Jeff George spitting on head coach June Jones, Dogkiller Vick and head coach Perino bailing before the season ends after not being able to overcome the loss of Vick.

At least the Braves managed to win one World Series.


Of course there’s no such thing as election fraud (Connecticut edition)

Democratic State Rep caught voting multiple times at multiple sites.  Old news, from 2014, but if anyone ever says to you that election fraud doesn’t occur, just point them here for one of many examples.  If they question the need for voter ID, just ask them what they have against methods proven to work in most European countries.  Or Mexico; whichever will deflate them faster.

So far, so good.

Over a week, and apparently the only Trump misstep was to include green card holders in the temporary travel ban, and that has been rectified.  If he can keep this up, he’ll be the best president since Reagan.  Especially if he keeps doing things like this.

Some of the people he has to work with, though…

Collins and Murkowski come out against DeVos.  Collins may be the best Republican you can get from Maine, but Murkowski has been primaried before, only to run and win as an independent with a Democratic endorsement.  It’s time for Alaska to elect a real Republican as opposed to a second-generation oligarchic corruptocrat.