I’m so furious I could spit molten lead…

so I did the next best thing and fired some solid lead at the local range.  Felt good, even if I had to apply some Kentucky windage to my new toy to get it to hit where I wanted.

My son built his own AR-15 a year or so after he turned 18.  How dare anyone suggest that even though he was old enough to carry a gun for his country, he wasn’t old enough to carry a gun in his country!

You want to classify certain sets of citizens as being ineligible to carry firearms?  Let’s start with postal workers; my “gut count” feels like there have been more mail-related shootings than school shootings over the last 30 years.

By the way, when you need defense now, the police are minutes away, assuming that they will even get out from behind their car.

I will admit that no one really knows how they will respond the first time they hear gunfire in anger, and most of us both hope we never have to find out the hard way and like to believe that we would do the right thing if necessary.  However, the fact that the school resource officer was at a point in his career where he could retire after this fiasco is circumstantial evidence that he was at the school *because* the powers-that-be didn’t want him out on the street anymore.  Additionally, this same officer refused to provide vital information to an agency that could have prevented this tragedy a year ahead of time.  Sounds like a timeserver to me.

As for the other officers at the scene, are they retiring?  If not, they need to be pointed in the general direction of the door with a firm application of a size-13 combat boot.  Opening the door will be optional.

I was in the airport the other day, subjected to CCCP, er CNN TV.  Had to hear this teacher whine that she was going to die anyway whether or not she had access to a gun in her classroom, so what was the point?  To quote Loki, what a mewling quim.  To be human is to fight against dying as long and as hard as possible.  Maybe you get lucky and hit your target first.  Maybe you scare the assailant off.  Maybe the pig learns to sing!

Yes, Israeli teachers are armed and yet we don’t hear about teacher-led shooting sprees there.  That being said, I can think of several of my former teachers that really shouldn’t have been armed at any cost.  Perhaps we need a better class of teacher here in the US, teachers that we could trust both with children and with guns.

I’ve got a friend complaining on Facebook that “even recreational shooters use man-shaped targets”.  Well, yes, the point of a gun is to be able to kill whatever needs to be killed, when and if it needs killing.  Everything else is subsidiary to that purpose.  “The real use of gunpowder is to make all men tall.”  — Thomas Carlyle, via Civilization 6.