God, what a miserable way to end a season.

This is Falcons football.  Usually not even close to the championship, but when they do get close, they manage somehow to blow it.

The 1980 NFC West champion – gives Dallas a 2-touchdown comeback victory in the playoffs at home.

The 1998 Super Bowl – lost after the starting free safety and supposed role model is arrested for soliciting a prostitute the night before facing John Elway.

2012 NFC Championship – Turf monster trips up wide-open receiver on his way to the end zone, defense allows SF comeback.

And of course tonight, setting a record for allowing a Super Bowl comeback.

And those are Falcon franchise history highlights.  Lowlights would include the collapse of Van Brocklin’s 1975 team post-strike, general ineptitude for many different seasons, Jerry Glanville’s circus act, not keeping Deion Sanders in town, Jeff George spitting on head coach June Jones, Dogkiller Vick and head coach Perino bailing before the season ends after not being able to overcome the loss of Vick.

At least the Braves managed to win one World Series.



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