2016, a Dickensian year

A recap of the year appears to be de rigueur for posts on December 31st, so I should give it a try.  The problem is that I’m not sure I’ve got anything creative to add.

Politically, we all know this year gave us Trump, for better or for worse.  My suspicion is that we may see a number of right things done for the wrong reasons.  If the left ever tries to reach across to Trump instead of castigating him, then we may see more wrong things done for wrong reasons.  From my point of view, the trick will be to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, but in a friendly manner; warming those tootsies instead of scorching the soles.

Internationally, we are living the Chinese curse of interesting times, thanks in part to Chinese regional power ambition.  The Russians are trying to reclaim a measure of their former influence in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  The EU is moribund and Brexit may not be sufficient to revitalize the United Kingdom.  Perhaps Scotland and Catalonia should be allowed to go their own way; for that matter, perhaps so should California.  As a thought experiment, would the world be a safer place if every little tribe got their own enclave?

Professionally, the first half of my year went very well, but the second half slowed considerably.  I will say that I made more money this year than ever, but I hope I can top that number once or twice before I retire.  Personally, the first quarter of the year was rough, the middle of the year was idyllic, but the clouds of major health issues slowly filled the skies, leading to a stormy autumn for me and mine.  Things are looking up as the year comes to a close, and I believe I will close on that note.  God bless you all and may 2017 be less interesting than 2016.


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