Wrapping up Cooper-McCrory

Read an article on Carolina Journal suggesting that McCrory was outperformed by Trump in rural counties and vice versa in urban counties.  Let’s see if there is anything deeper there.

Looking at counties that Donald Trump won, but McCrory lost.  Turns out there were only 4 counties that fall into this category.

Jackson County – southern mountains

Roy Cooper 9,205               Pat McCrory 8,782   approximately 400 vote difference

Donald J. Trump 9,870     Hillary Clinton 7,713 – 1100 voters for Trump/not McCrory

Granville County – Piedmont, country/outer suburbs of RTP area

Roy Cooper 13,528              Pat McCrory 13,308 200 vote difference

Donald J. Trump 13,591     Hillary Clinton 12,909   300 voters for Trump/not McCrory

Nash County – Piedmont – small cities and Cooper’s home county

Roy Cooper 24,646 Pat McCrory 22,485 – 2,150 vote difference

Donald J. Trump 23,318 Hillary Clinton 23,235 – 900 voters for Trump/not McCrory

New Hanover – Coastal plain/Wilmington

Roy Cooper 56,367 Pat McCrory 51,101 –  5000 vote difference

Donald J. Trump 55,341 Hillary Clinton 50,975 – 4200 voters for Trump/not McCrory

The biggest thing that stands out to me is that McCrory was really hurt in New Hanover County/Wilmington relative to Trump.  There have been some suggestions that the ending of NC film production tax credits hurt McCrory in this regional film production center, but I would have thought many people voting with that as an issue would not be Trump supporters anyhow.  I’m open to suggestions here.

Anyhow, at this point it’s time to dig in and hold the gains achieved by 4 years of Republican governance until Dan Forest can be elected governor in 2020.  Run, Dan, Run!



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