Skepticism on dietary science

Recent article (Press release and link to article here)suggests that the phenylalanine in aspartame can inhibit intestinal alkaline phosphatase, contributing to obesity.  The problem with the conclusion from the study is that while a typical can of diet soda may have 200 mg of aspartame (and roughly 100 mg phenylalanine), a quarter-pound hamburger should have roughly 4 grams of phenylalanine. You do the math.


Jackass Party as stupid as the Stupid Party

Dems oppose Trump infrastructure plan after screaming about infrastructure during campaign.  (warning; adblocker must be off to access).

I post this more to discuss faulty tactics rather than the merits of this particular plan.  Trump responds positively to flattery, not to hectoring, threats and adversarial bombast.  If you want something to be done your way by Trump, all you have to do is sit down at the table with him and say “Your idea is great, and here are a few tweaks that will help your idea get done.” and then slip the nose of your camel under the tent.  Don’t forget to let Trump take all the credit for your ideas as well.

The more Jackasses bray at Trump, the more likely he’ll actually govern as a respectable conservative.  Thanks!

Miscellany -11/19/16

Bicycled 8 miles today and got back home before the weather began to change.  Oddly enough, despite my current health issues, I think I’m in the best overall shape I’ve been in for years.  Losing 30 pounds can do that for you.

I find that it’s harder to write when I’m not angry about something.  Fortunately, I suppose, the cast of Hamilton has managed to tick me off royally.  I double-dog guarantee you that if any of the cast members actually read a biography of Hamilton (such as Ron Chernow’s) the only thing they would actually like about the man was that he was a philanderer.  So much for my hopes that this play might slip some wisdom sub rosa to the audience about the Founding Fathers and the beliefs on which this country was founded.  Obviously, the cast both learned nothing and forgot nothing.  They’re all probably cheering when Burr shoots Hamilton.

That’s some money that I’ll keep in my pocket when the touring company goes around.

(To be fair, I’ve never gone to a professional Broadway-type musical in my life, but I might have made an exception for Hamilton.  Oddly enough, I thought about making an exception for Spamalot this week as well, but then read the synopsis and decided that I didn’t need to support the changes in the Lancelot role vis-a-vis Holy Grail and kept that money in my pocket as well.)

On the McCrory-Cooper battle

Current results from the Board of Elections:

Donald J. Trump REP 2,340,136 49.90%
Hillary Clinton DEM 2,163,015 46.13%
Gary Johnson LIB 127,777 2.72%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 56,937 1.21%
Jill Stein (Write-In) 1,506 0.03%
Precincts Reported: 2704 of 2704
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Roy Cooper DEM 2,282,101 48.97%
Pat McCrory REP 2,277,228 48.86%
Lon Cecil LIB 101,077 2.17%

So, by my count, roughly 60,000 voted for Trump but not for McCrory.  Mindboggling.

One wonders why the vote fraudsters in Bladen County and other locales didn’t stuff more votes for Hillary, though.

I will say, though, that McCrory didn’t exactly run a scintillating campaign.  The only McCrory ads that I remember seeing centered on the backlog of rape kit testing at the State Bureau of Investigation; an important, but unfortunately a rather technical issue that Cooper countered with an ad where he was endorsed by a number of sheriffs.  IMO, McCrory should have gone hammer and tong on Cooper’s unwillingness to defend NC law in Federal court, tying him to people like Nancy Pelosi and Deborah Ross.


I thought the idea was to drain the swamp…

not throw more alligators into the swamp.  The return of earmarks?  It’s fool ideas like this that provoked people to vote for Orange Cheeto in the first place.  Pork doesn’t lubricate the wheels of government, just the pockets of the recipients.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Paul Ryan beat the alligators back for a little while.  “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few.”  Wendell Phillips.